Friday, 23 September 2011

Sherlock did it...

23rd September

Hello! Again. It's been a busy, crazy week or so as per usual, but I'll not bore you with the details (Most of them anyway). It didn't start off too well though, had a deathly flu virus (Which a lot of people keep saying it was just a cold. They lie.), but Mrs Hudson gave me some tea, and Sherlock /gave/ me his shock blanket. Didn't have much luck day before either, accidentally fell into the River Thames...
Yes that does happen...
And in fairness, i suppose that sparked the flu........
Sherlock pushed me into water! It wasn't an accident. Nope.
/Anyway/, there was that whole shebang, then during a case on Saturday, there was this man called the Doctor. He said he was a Timelord, got a doctors degree in 'everything', but wears this god awful bow tie. I feel like i recognise him from somewhere, and everyone laughs at me when i try to explain this man to them. Now i know how Sherlock feels when he's being clever. They think I've got mad!
Gah! Why are my ears so big? Apparently 42 is the answer why...
Anderson keeps calling about some hounds, so I'm going to have to leave you all there. Although before I go, good day to Aliciacuddeford, Htcmike101, LilMonsterEBee and Hardarchbarr on Twitter. I asked anyone if they went a mention in my next blog, and they nicely replied. Actually you should all follow this ritual on there I've heard of on Twitter called Follow Friday and follow them. And make them a cup of tea!
Must dash now, ta ta for now!


P.S Apologises for last week. I asked Sherlock if he could write my blog for me, and he completely ignored my notes.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Sherlock Rules!!!!!

16th September 

Hey everyone it’s Sherlock. My husband... erm *cough* lets start over.

Hey everyone it’s Sherlock my life companion Watson is feeling super poly today and as is typical of Watson he stole my shock blanket (he isn’t even in shock) and is being a total baby about a runny nose. 

Anyway while he is being a drama queen in bed I decided to hack into his computer, delete his unread emails, rearrange his desktop icons and finally write this blog to let him know I did it. Because let’s face it. He couldn’t work it out himself. He’s not exactly the worlds greatest detective. He’s third!! Me, batman and then him.

So here I am making a million punctuation errors (on purpose) just to get him all riled up. He’s very touchy about his grammar and punctuation you see. Which in essence is a little ironic considering how atrocious this blog can be at times.

Love you all and I hope you’re all looking forward to watching me on the old tellebox come 2012.

Lots of love



Friday, 9 September 2011

Watch your drink!

9th September

So(!), yesterday was my birthday, and as you'd expect, i got a few presents and a party... The surprises though are still continuing to this morning!
It all started with my present from Sherlock. He gave me a pipe bomb and made me pop several balloons, making me think it was in there. Not the most brilliant start to a birthday...
Mrs Hudson gave me a specially knitted sweater and a big jar of jam (Since she's the only one who truly understands me) and Sarah (Oh yes, she does too) got me an expensive new watch which glows in dark!
I got a bit of work done, then i went off to the pubs with the lads. Now i know what you're thinking, but i didn't go there to drink... Intentionally.
Not quite sure who, but someone had spiked the drinks... Apparently, this is how the evening went.
I danced, rode one of the lads from the front of bar, to the door and claimed i travelled to Mordor, Sherlock did some sort of strip dance (He wasn't even invited!), he kissed me, then somehow we got home.
Yes, i am drinking a heck load of coffee (Thank you Mrs Hudson)
I've got a high suspicion on who did this, so i've painted and wrote on his skull:
Anyway, i must attend to all these emails and texts about last night. I'm going to give Sherlock a hell of a talk for crashing the party too and making everyone think i was gay. We're not all like you Sherly!


P.S Who put a 'kick me' sign on my back?

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

And so it begins...

7th September 2011

So, Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Salutations. I had a look through my last blog and decided it was time to make a more organised one... Which isn't really a beginning, but it's something new so there we go.
I should probably start with how the day's gone, but I'd just like to note a momentous occasion that happened yesterday (Well, apparently. I'm not really into Social sites. I only made a FaceBook for cases). I created an account on a website called Twitter. You can go on it and write this thing called a Tweet, which contains 140 characters. I think there should be more, but i don't run that site. If i did though, it would be a complete mess and the only people who would use it would be the people who buy from Aldi.
Anyway, over 150 people have followed me  since i made it. Apparently that's good! I'm only following Sherlock and some guy called the Doctor. There have been some very interesting people speak to me on there. Some are just... Strange.
As for today, not that much has happened so far. Mycroft gave me a classified file which contains a report on this strange thing called 'Slash'. He told me not to show it Sherlock so it must be important. I'll read it later, i have a Doctor's appointment with Sarah.....
Last thing i should say is it's my birthday tomorrow! I'm going out with some of the boys who've just come home from Afghanistan to a pub or something. 40, cor blimey. Hopefully Sarah will come along. I might invite Sherlock along too, but i don't want him telling me my presents by their shape, feel, smell, whether or not it breaks when it hits the floor, etc etc.
Must run now, time for my date!


P.S Sherlock, if you've read this, i expect you to give me a new jumper. My mum knitted that one when you've done throwing them in the bin.

EDIT: I meant Doctor's appointment, not date. Silly me. ~J.Watson