Friday, 13 January 2012

Life so far...

13th April

Blimey. Friday the 13th. Not exactly the best day in my books, but Sherlock seems to relish in the luck people have on these days.
Well i was going to give you and update on my main blog, but after Moriarty hacked it, /and/ my Twitter, i decided it would be best to come onto my back- up blog site. (Well i call it back up, but i never put the entries from the other blog on here. Sherlock, you can stop calling me a fool now. They're on my hard drive anyway and this website keeps messing up the dates.)
But as you've been reading, we've been doing well lately with the cases. Minus the one (or two, but I'm not allowed to mention) The most recent with the Hounds case of late has been my favourite. Even if i was used as an experiment, had a /rather/ misleading clue and got accused of being in a couple with Sherlock again, it was nice to see that Sherlock had a bit of human in him despite being known for having a cold heart.
Shame about that pig though.
He didn't even bring any back for tea.
I do worry sometimes though what the Woman did to him. I can't say much about that case obviously, but Sherlock seems to have gone soft since that case. It's probably just me, i mean he actually replies to my texts, so deduce that Irene.
Convincing Mycroft to have talks in cafes rather than cold warehouses was probably the best idea I've had. Apart from that time where Mrs Hudson decided to have a cake sale in Speedy's Cafe. Mycroft wouldn't talk to me for a week, unless it was concerning how much weight he's lost.
He does seem awfully worried lately though, and considering how this man can swagger through the thunderstorm, holding his umbrella high with a wide grin, while others drown and crumble, this is rather a worry... But then who can blame him? Moriarty's back out, Sherlock's getting easily addicted to things he really shouldn't whenever there isn't a case, and even Mrs Hudson got caught in the line of fire. Still, as Sherlock says, "Mrs Hudson? Leave Baker Street? England would fall." Mrs Hudson is a great, old trooper. She has Twitter now, and she's been giving Moriarty a right good going. (Kids say that now, don't they? It sounds rather rude.) So Mycroft must just be worrying about Sherlock and Moriarty. He has no reason to worry about her, and if I'm honest, I'm perfectly fine too. Ok, so life's still being a pain every now and then, and I'm losing more girlfriends than Sherlock has hot meals, but it's all exciting. I could never live a normal life like the rest of the world. Wake up, have breakfast, go to work, come home, watch TV, go to sleep. As much as it would be relaxing it would be to have a consistent routine, it just seems so boring compared to the life i have now. I may have fought in the Afghanistan war, but my life has been so much more better since meeting Sherlock, and i don't ever want to lose that. He's my best mate, and his only friend.... It would be nice if you fetched the milk every now and then though, bud.